muffin spencer-devlin

Saturday was a friend's housewarming party in Silverlake. Before myself and a couple others headed over there, we stopped by another friend's new apartment in my old building to see his latest decorative touches, including faux brick paneling he added to a support column. It looks amazing, but what kills me is that this is the exact same unit I had (only a floor below), before I moved to where I am now:

My place never looked 1/10th as good as this. The photo on the credenza is actually of the building itself, taken early last century (!).

The party was fun, and my friend's new house is adorable. It's the perfectly sized bungalow for himself, a roommate, this little scamp, and this young lady. Huge backyard on a hill, from which he can see the Hollywood sign, great details in the architecture, and gorgeous original wood floors. Really happy for him. He threw a rockin' party, complete with having hired the hot dog cart-lady from outside of Faultline to come serve in his backyard. Oh, and hand soaps. And an amazing mixed drink made with pear vodka and fresh basil.

Best part of the night was getting to see a friend and his boyfriend, who I didn't even know were in town (they thought I was in Arizona still). They're from Vancouver, and have been back and forth over the past several months - he's a clothing designer, who's been hired by a company in downtown LA, but has been going nuts figuring out the whole work visa thing. His boyfriend is a hair stylist who I'd not gotten a chance to talk with much before Saturday. And I freaking adore him now; we hit it off like crazy, bonding over Brazilian blowouts and wedding DIY.

We also had a hoot leafing through a copy of High Performance Hair (published 1986). Hello, feathering, back combing, leg warmers, and shoulder pads. It was 200 pages of pure Rad. One of the models featured was a professional golfer named Muffin Spencer-Devlin, which I have decided is the greatest name of all time. I made my new Canadian bestie promise to send me weekly pics from Vancouver, and he made me swear to come stay with him for a few days at his apartment in the city. I've never been to Vancouver, so I'm going to take him up on that offer.

Later, some of us hung out at my old building, had drinks, and watched SNL shorts.