The first part of today sucked could have been a lot worse.

First, I discovered that yet another blog designer had copied and re-sold some of my work been so impressed by my originality and creativity that she wanted to pass it off as her own. So that ruined my morning flatters me.

Then, I acted like an idiot made a mistake and now a friend is pissed off at me mildly annoyed at me. I am mad at myself for upsetting him and feel really low about it can't say that I blame him.

I've been out of touch with some loved ones for a little while, so I feel like no one wants to talk to me assume people are just busy with their own lives. I wish they'd reach out to me. Seems like a good opportunity to reach out, say hello, and let them know they're on my mind.

On top of everything, I had run out of half-and-half the perfect excuse to work heavy whipping cream into my morning.

Basically, it seems like the universe is conspiring against me life as usual.

I sent this pic of Roscoe to Upstairs, to show him how fabulous a fish sitter I am. He texted back saying that he lost his license and passport, and has no ID with which to board the plane home. To cheer him up I told him that Roscoe says he likes me better, since I let him eat dessert first. He answered, Fish don't eat dessert. It's too sandy for them.

I replied that he's awfully clever for a man with no identity,