Few quick programming notes this morning.

1. Thanks are in order. I have been loving blogging these past few weeks in a way I haven't ever. I mean, really. Ever. I don't know who if anyone is reading or cares, but I'm having a grand time just putting it all out there. Here's my life, internet! It's nothing exceptional, but here it is! Look at it if you want, or don't! It's just a snapshot of one woman's existence in the early 21st century. That's all it claims to be. It's a much easier and more fulfilling blog to keep than its earlier incarnations, which were an unholy chimera of political rants and personal scrapbooking. Shit was exhausting, ugh. It was the pictures, they killed me. Here, my new policy of keeping my friends' names and faces off the blog has made all the difference. I can just go live my life and have fun, then tell you about it in a few sentences later, instead of feeling compelled to document it with eight billion photos.

2. Thanks to those of you who are stepping in my Twitter and Pinterest pools (both still very shallow). I've been getting my feet wet slowly on Twitter, though I still have no idea what I'm doing. But I look forward to catching up to you pros, and joining in the conversation. For now though, I'm not gonna lie: I'm really amusing myself with it. Nearly everything I think of to say is incredibly crass and absurd. So I'm sure I'll offend people on that corner of the internet, too. I've yet to pin a single thing on Pinterest. Bit intimidated by the whole thing still.

I'm really going to work on reaching out and getting involved in social media, getting to know the people who for whatever reason give a shit about my life (I know, I know: look who's changed her tune. Look who realized, holy shit, she can have a social web presence AND one IRL at the same time), but first I need to feel like I've established some consistency with it. Blogging, tweeting, pinning, and Instagramming with some regularity, which I couldn't maintain during my divorcepression days. Does that make any sense?

3. The poll I had up for a few days in the sidebar tells me you guys wanna hear about, primarily, two things: dancing, and my search for a jerb. Duly noted. Sadly, I have fuck all to report in the jerb department, and I think writing a post to formally announce that might be just too depressing, and I'd spend the rest of the day with my face buried in a bag of Doritos. However, I can definitely satisfy your curiosity and write some posts about dancing. I actually haven't been to work in a couple of weeks (health issues), so I don't have any fresh anecdotes right now. I will after this weekend though. But for now I can do, like, a night in the life sort of thing. Will that work? I can do that. Also in the pipe line: one or two more posts about my Israel trip, a post about selling my engagement/wedding rings, and one about doing ecstasy for the first time. It's a doozy.