a tour of my 'hood

I've put up some real teal deers lately. So today I thought I'd shut my mouth and just take you on a walk. Here are some things I saw this afternoon, running errands around my neighborhood.

Clockwise, from top left...

1. My building. You can't see my unit, which is on the interior, where I get the twin bonuses of almost no light and a complete lack of privacy.
2. My street. My building is down to the right; you can just make out the edge of it. Back behind my right shoulder is the US Bank Tower (the super tall building you see in establishing shots in movies). To the left is the Millennium Biltmore. This is a stretch Chaucer and I walk at least once a day.
3. A marquee on Broadway. Friends, family? I'd like to be remembered this way when I kick it, kthx.
4. A redonk puppeh on Broadway that I almost kidnapped.

1. My old building (the shorter one on the left). This is where my husband and I lived when we first moved to LA, and where I spent the most miserable and lonely year of my life. Cheers! On the left hand side of the street I'm looking down is the world-famous-but-not-really Bar 107, where westsiders come to slum it and drink PBR with our native hipster population.
2. The train station around the corner from my apartment. This is where yours truly boards her favorite mode of transportation to get to ballet lessons.
3. Produce stand in Grand Central Market, where I shop for cheap heads of lettuce that are only slightly rotten. A little extra dressing and you don't even notice!
4. The bar below (technically adjacent-below) my building, where I sometimes get sequestered with Maxim models.