wet paint

I came home from a walk tonight and when I got off the elevator on my floor, I could smell paint.

As I rounded the corner in my hall, I saw there was a large poster tube propped against my door. The tube was painted with still-drying black and red hearts. Taped to it was a handmade card, with Elizabeth painted in silver and gold, with flourishes and flowers. On the top of the tube was written Tracy Ellie. Inside was a two by three foot, black and white printed photo of the Golden Gate Bridge, the sky dark with fog. It's my favorite of his shots.

The card was signed, Made with love by your mo'fuckin neighbor, George (which is not his name).

I texted him. I love it. I may hook tonight in Hollywood just so I can afford a frame for it.

Meanwhile, in other Valentine's related news, one of my friends gifted his girlfriend a framed copy of his (100% negative) STD results.