I know I owe the world a second installment of this, but it's still cooking. I'm trying to strike the right tone. I don't want to glamorize dancing. And being a "good/successful" dancer isn't an achievement to crow about. But I don't want to make it sound miserable, either. It's really just a bit overwhelming to try and give a succinct and balanced picture of a "typical" night. Not sure there really is such a thing.

Plus, I'm a little burned out on it right now. I worked Tuesday, then Thursday through last night, and I'm working again tonight. That's what I get for missing the previous two weekends. I'm very much hoping for a small miracle tonight, because some friends-of-friends (making them, I guess, newish friends of mine) are in town tomorrow, and want to take me out for a night of dinner and drinks in Hollywood. Won't be able to go, though, unless I pull off something semi-crazy tonight. Bills got to be paid. Dog got to be fed.

And speaking of which, major socialization at the park today for Chaucer. Puppies are in the air, dunno if it's a spring thing or what. But he was in seventh heaven rolling around with this Husky and Malamute:

I can't let him play with big dogs too often, because he tends to get in fights with anything much larger than a beagle. So getting to spar with these girls, smallish as they are, was a real treat for him.

A comment from a RL friend made me realize I should probably clear something up. This is not Upstairs. This is someone else. Let's call him, I dunno, Dimples. Because 1) he has them and 2) he, too, is much younger than me. Guess I'm not done with the, uh, cougarville label. Yeah.

Not going to share a ton of detail about him, at least not right now. Still dipping my toes in those waters, deciding how far in I want to go. But I will say that he's extremely...unexpected. He's clever and funny and sexy and gentlemanly. He's soft-spoken and vulnerable one minute, and intriguingly direct the next. I can already see flashes of his intensity. He seems to be someone confident in what he believes, and what he wants.

But my favorite thing about him? He's just very...joyful. He doesn't have a lot of money. He's had some pretty hard knocks. But he's happy with who he is, and with the life he's created for himself. For someone coming from his background, he's incredibly, inspiringly happy. It's an uplifting, infectious energy to be around.

After our beach date, he texted to let me know I'd left my hoodie in his car, and he was holding it ransom until I met his demands. I asked what those were. Dinner and drinks, he said. If my demands are not met by the end of this week, I will be forced to mail pieces of it at a time.

I saw him very briefly last night, and we made 85% firm plans to go out Thursday night. We're both pretty poor, so we're going super cheap-style. "I'll make us pasta," I said, "then we'll get blitzed and hit Art Walk. Yes yes?" He looked at me. "You're amazing, you know that?" he said. "Why?" I asked. "Because I can boil water and ply you with cheap alcohol?" He grinned, and said, "Yes, that, and other reasons, too."

Here's hoping I can afford to spend Thursday night with the heartless sweatshirt kidnapper.