Work was awesome. Had the perfect customer. Clean cut artist/photographer/filmmaker who just moved downtown from Hollywood. Friendly, easy, wealthy, and ready to spend money. Which means, hot damn, I get to pay off my bike tomorrow! So excited.

And yes, I know I still owe The Internets another lurid episode of A Night In The Life. Working on it, I swear.

After work was walking Chaucer, and ran into my bestie out with his own pooch (conveniently, our dogs are BFFs too). The other night he and I had been messing around on his iPad looking at all the apps that are aimed at young/tween/teenage girls. We were beside ourselves reading the descriptions, rules, rewards, etc. for things like Top Girl, Social Girl, and It Girl. These apps are insane. You get points for "hotness", which you cash in for clothes, which you wear on dates intended to keep your boyfriend happy. There are also requirements for how often that boyfriend needs to be a) kissed and b) spoken to, in order to keep him "lovestruck". There are popularity contests, cat fights, and cliques - of which you need to be a member in order to be cool enough to flirt with certain guys (which one game has ranked by "manliness"). In one app, a girl's career choices include model, hand model, or model stand-in (I think - something like that, anyway - I'm probably mixing up some of the details), while the boys in the game have jobs ranging from rock star to senator to fireman to businessman. Volumes could be written.

My friend is a big analytical geek like me - and a feminist - so we can gab for hours about stuff like this. We decided, that night, that we'd both pick up the app and compete to see who could be Top Girl (the layers of irony here, being that he's a gay man - and a switch - are truly spectacular). But he totally cheated and got a jump on me; he's been playing Top, Social, and It Girl for the past day and a half. What a bitch, right? Anyway, I went back to his place and he walked me through the games for a while. Mind-blowing. He's taken a zillion screenshots already, and he's planning to do a full explication/close reading on his blog, so I may have to share that here.