night walks

Sometimes, the best part of my day is taking Chaucer for a long walk after I get home from work. Around 2am, the streets are pretty empty, and we can hog the sidewalk. I let his leash out completely, and he stops and sniffs every tree, hydrant, and light pole that he wishes. The park is eight blocks away, so it's a nice little jaunt for us both. I never have to worry about anyone bothering us, even in the wee hours when some of the sketchier elements of downtown are about. Chaucer is excellent protection, just visually. And if anyone comes near that makes me nervous, he visibly stiffens and glares at them. My dog is nothing if not tuned in to me.

I can get pretty sentimental on these walks: we pass a dozen landmarks that hold memories of the past three years - good and bad. It's something I love about living downtown: the bulk of my social and romantic history surrounds me, for better or for worse. I can walk to the restaurants, bars, parks, apartments, cafes, and galleries where I've started to build a whole new life: my life. There's at least one association tied to nearly every block, every building. And at night, in the quiet and stillness, I can soak it all in.