half sister

And as she was several states away (and always had been) the dog never knew of the cat's existence, much less the fact that she was providing furry solace to his beloved master, whom he missed so much it made his jowls quiver. He never had to bear witness to the cuddles, to the intolerable sights and sounds of dangling string, of jingling balls that constituted this strange creature's "playtime." And good thing - it would have destroyed him.

For her part, the cat could smell the foul beast on this otherwise pleasant-enough human. She took pity on the girl, for who ever would want to be besmirched with such a scent? Who ever would want her clothes to be marked with the vile, crusted drool of a dog (which her pants bore signs of)? So she did her best to rub her lovely, fragrant fur all over the human's vestments and valise, as a gesture of kindness and kinship. She only hoped the girl appreciated the gift.