Things I've thought and seen this week:

I am unnaturally calm in the face of a falling gavel.*

Resentment is a pool you can walk out of anytime; or you can wade deeper into it.

Sometimes I think My Beloved Monster is the most romantic song ever written.

When I was younger, I think I considered my boyfriend's professional success and wealth a reflection of my own self worth. The truth is, they weren't even a reflection of his own.

If you're going to read the writing on the wall, first make sure that it wasn't written in disappearing ink.

Some of my favorite people are the most exasperating. It eventually comes to be something I love about them - rely on, even.

My computer has a bullshift key. I accidentally hit it all the time.

I was wrong about her. She's actually a very sweet and friendly girl, with a hard candy shell. I'm glad I got to know her better.

* I read that a similar concept inspired the film Melancholia - depressed persons already expect the worst from life, so they're more emotionally prepared for tragedy than others.