Stuff I've thought and seen this week:

They should sell that silvery stuff they use on Scratchers tickets. In a small bottle with a brush, a la Wite-Out. Think of the possibilities. Love letters, telegrams, resumes. STD test results. Newspapers could make obituaries a lot more interesting.

Been walking around Little Tokyo a lot lately:

There are, like, 27 varietals of hot pepper, but basically one kind of banana. This seems unjust. I love bananas, and I'd love more kinds to choose from; I do not think I am alone in this. A sweeter one, maybe, or a softer one. Fuck, how about a blue one? Who wouldn't love to peel and eat a blue banana? But we just have the one: yellow, tantalizingly short window of ripeness, bruises easily. Also, why do all the hybrid fruits sound like painful geriatric afflictions? Grapples. Pluots. Peacotums.

Just discovered The Lumineers. Awesome debut album.

Had coffee with C. a few days ago, and he brought his girl. She seemed less than thrilled that Chaucer was allowed the dregs of my caramel macchiato:

Watched The Woman. Holy shit. If it was just slightly less gratuitous, it would make for a great feminist reading. Lots of interesting things going on there, for the strong-stomached. Also - great soundtrack.

The summer concert series has started in Pershing Square. A few nights ago was Berlin. Went to check it out:

It's easy to settle for pretty good, where relationships are concerned. Lots of people do it, for years on end. Lots of mediocre marriages out there. I know. I was in one. But it takes real balls to hold out for amazing. This is what a lifeline-shaped thought looks like, anyway.

K. put up a massive, seven foot projection screen on his patio, for showing movies. Put out an air mattress, pillows, and chairs, and had some people over. We ate pizza and watched Wrath of the Titans, which was LOLzy and fun. The views going to and coming from the Metro station in Silverlake: