plum wine

Well, as promised, I went to Saturday's Japanese themed party looking a fool. Attempted a sort of Harujuku girl concept that, in execution, was just me wearing a bunch of Hello Kitty crap and looking kind of whorish. Everyone else was awesome - geishas and samurais and a Japanese tourist and even Godzilla. I apologized to my hosts for my C- effort, then proceeded to gorge on their plum wine and sashimi. I'd never had plum wine before.

I really, really love plum wine.

It was a make-your-own-meal kind of deal, with all the fixings and spices for sushi, wontons, salads, and the like. Thankfully the more competent and sober members of the party made sure the rest of us were nourished. After dinner, some of us got high on the roof and told horribly offensive religious jokes. Then we all played charades and got prize bags with our names written in Korean (no idea).

Best part of the night: I got tapped for wonton frying duty, but the girls decided my low cut shirt was an invitation for oil burns. So they took me aside and wrapped my chest and shoulders in Saran Wrap before sending me back to the stove.

Took some pictures (on my Flickr), but here's my favorite: