the BS Method to getting over a relationship

...where BS stands for Balanced Scale. What did you think I meant? Cynics, all of you!

Please note: this is a patented process I invented over the course of many minutes, and which, when correctly executed, is guaranteed to make your breakup at least .07% less painful.

1. Think of a single moment from your relationship that you treasure. It doesn't even have to be something particularly representative - it only has to be something pleasant to look back on. A conversation. A kiss. Some shared moment of joy. The less complicated the memory, the better. The idea is to pare down all the happiness of your time with this person to a single, polished nugget of gold.

2. Now, think of its equal in negative counterweight. Something you couldn't stand about this person, maybe, or some ugly scene that unfolded between the two of you. Keep it manageable.

3. Picture placing these two things on a scale, and imagine them balancing one another out. Canceling one another out. A negative value and a positive value which, added together, leave nothing behind (read: room for something new/better).

4. Create an association, in your mind, between these two ideas. Don't let one thought surface without bringing its counterpoint along. For me, this is a way to honor and celebrate what was good, without getting carried away on rose-colored memories. The negative thought tethers the happier one back to the ground, where, after all, you stand alone.

Eventually, at some point down the road when you're ready, you can let go of that negative nugget and just keep the pretty polished one, buried deep in your pocket.

But only when you're ready.