How do I love my friends today? Let me count the ways.

This afternoon I received an electronic invitation to a Quinceneara themed-party (DING!) being thrown in a couple of weeks by two of my girlfriends. It came with music (DING!). We're not out to offend anyone, or misappropriate Latin culture, or anything even remotely nefarious like that. We just think it'd be a blast to put on bright, poofy, bedazzled ball gowns, have formal dances and photos, play games, and generally have an excuse to get together and goof around like we are fifteen. And if I know my friends, they'll do it as authentically as possible, and we'll probably all come away having learned something about the tradition in spite of ourselves.

I sat there after reading the invitation, thinking how fun it will be, for about five minutes before I had the thought, Though it is kind of a bummer that I'll be the only single girl, since everyone else will be paired off.

Not thirty seconds later, the phone rang. It was my (gay) friend C. calling up to formally ask me whether he could escort me to the party (DING!). He's hilarious and fabulous and shopping with him for our outfits will probably be as much fun as the party itself.

Later I found out that two other sets of our gay friends are coming, too, and they'll be in costume as well (DING!). I'm guessing at least one of them will cross dress, and look better than all of us bitches by far (DING DING!).

That's how I love my friends today.