There's been a ton of filming downtown lately. Most of the time I get a kick out of it; occasionally it's annoying, like when I'm in a hurry with Chaucer, and they're blocking off access to his Preferred Pee Tree.

I've been pretty obsessive with music lately.  Listening to the same tracks over and over and over until they're coursing through my veins. Three groups in particular:

The Walkmen (Victory, Angela Surf City, JuvenilesHeaven, Song for Leigh, Line by Line, Lisbon, While I Shovel The Snow, Torch Song)
Telekinesis (Dirty Thing, Gotta Get It Right Now, Please Ask For Help, Tokyo)
Chris and Thomas (Broken Chair, You're The One I Want, Horse in The Sky, New Light)

Also - exciting! - I got my ticket to see The Lumineers on the second! Going alone. Don't care.  I could drag a friend, but I know how boring it is to watch live music you're not into.  I'd rather be surrounded by other fans, which I will be: it's sold out (much of the tour is, in fact).