Today has sucked supreme balls. Woke up and immediately my brain said, "Morning! Guess what you're having for breakfast? An all-you-can-eat buffet of shitty feelings! DIG IN." Ugh. I haven't been taking care of myself lately, physically or emotionally, and it's caught up with me.

Sunday I went to a local restaurant neighborhood meet-and-greet thingy. It just opened, and since J. will be working there, I went with him and P. for cocktails and free appetizers, and to see the new place at which he's very excited to be working. I had fun hanging out with my friends, but I drank too much, stayed too late, and totally derailed my productivity for the day. Day drinking wears me out. I don't know why I haven't learned.

All three of us were over served, thanks to being in like Flynn with an employee in our ranks. This is what the table for three looked like, FFS:

Then yesterday, I went to Disneyland, to celebrate a friend's birthday. I'm glad I went, I had a blast and haven't laughed that hard in ages (try going on a ride called ASStro Blasters with three drunk gay men), but now I feel crazy overextended.

The truth is, I did some, um, enchanted toadstools, which were fun-fun-fun, but all the brain activity is exhausting. I could probably write an entire post on what that was like - Disneyland on shrooms, I mean. They kicked in right as we were in the animatronic section of Splash Mountain. If you've done them before, you can only imagine what that was like. Nutso. If you haven't, well, all the little animals looked very, very alive. The wolf especially. And his teeth? Sharper than I remembered. Then I had a wave hit me where colors were astoundingly intense and beautiful. I was in line just staring at the crowd's clothing. All the vivid solid colors they were wearing were just hypnotizing, and they all sort of harmonized in a way that, I don't know, felt larger than life.

Mushrooms are really hard to explain.

Then there was the pickle. K. bought a whole dill pickle to eat while we were walking around, and I can't tell you how goddamn hysterical I found that pickle, for some reason. Paralyzing giggles over the pickle, oh my god.

Finally, the parade at the end of the night nearly made my head explode, I could barely handle the colors and lights. Could have sat and watched, mouth agape, for hours. But it was 7:30 and there were rides to be ridden!

No one needs a review of Disneyland, we all know the place by heart. But I will say that the new Radiator Springs ride at California Adventure rocks. The animatronics are rather mind-blowing, and the coaster itself is pretty fun (though it should be longer and faster).

Also: I think California Adventure needs a Scientology ride. An animatronic John Travolta, the threat of Thetans attaching themselves to your body as you whisk through nuttier and nuttier "levels"... I haven't worked out all the details yet.

Now I'll shut up and just show you some photos. Incidentally, when you Instagram at Disneyland and use the location feature, it narrows down to the very ride. Amazeballs! Also incidentally, none of these are reposts from my IG, if anyone cares. I have two IG accounts:

- a pretty spare public one for Elliequent
- a private account that I flood with several pictures a day. I don't follow anyone on it; it's just a personal digital scrapbook kind of thing that I can scroll through to review my life. I wouldn't want to clutter my Elliequent account - not to mention my followers - with every last thing I do and see, but I'm an IG addict, so this gives me my fix.

Per my policy of trying to (mostly!) keep my friends off my blog, most of the D'land pics will be on my Flickr (when I get around to uploading them). But I have to share this one. In the Splash Mountain drop photo we took, it looks like I'm throwing an awesome, huge fireball. So K. 'shopped it to give the light magic sparkles. The others felt left out so they got touched up, too:

And thaaaaat is how your blogmistress spent her time, money, and brain cells the past two days. Not impressed? Me neither, babies. Me neither.