I posted about pulling a dress switcheroo for the quinceanera, but I haven't posted about the party itself. I guess I'm just not sure how interesting parties are to non-attendees? Oh, you got dressed up and partied all night with a bunch of people I don't know? Fascinating. Tell me more.

What can I say? We drank. We danced. We had karaoke kraziness and ate homemade Mexican food (including tequila lime cupcakes). We took turns being made a fool by a pinata that was apparently forged in the fires of Mordor. Some of us exchanged dresses, for lolz.

I really can't shake the squicky feeling I get whenever I post pictures of other people on my blog, but here are some of yer blogmistress, being all classy. EDIT: Ugh, ok, that was too many pictures of me, just cold staring back at me from my lappy.

Here are two. Two is plenty.

A few days earlier, I'd created The Quince Awards, as my contribution to the evening (vs. my usual bottle of wine, to defray the cost of entertaining a bunch of alcoholics). I wrote up instructions, printed up ballots, made a ballot box, and bought some dollar-store type prizes for the winners. And stickers they could wear, that I made in Illustrator and then ran through my Xyron sticker maker.

The stickers turned out to be the real coveted prizes, which totally made the effort worth it. And the whole thing worked out great, since one of my friend's dad's is a musician, and he brought his keyboard, mic, and a bunch of music books for us to have singalong time with. So I got to officially announce the winners, who all came up and made drunken acceptance speeches.

The girls did an awesome job with decorations - streamers, balloons, a personalized pinata, a cotton candy machine, a tequila table, all kinds of candy, and customized boxes filled with favors:

As usual, the full shebang is on my Flickr!