XV sneak preview

Well, I got a dress for this. I've notified my hosts that I couldn't afford one of the fluffy, dazzly, over-the-top floor-length ones that I'm sure all the other women will be wearing. Those suckers start at $200, and the truly awesome ones are closer to $500. But I found a cheap, short, and still ridiculous number that I think will still get the job done. And by "get the job done" I mean "make me look adequately absurd."

My date had to cancel; he works for the AP and has to cover the Creative Arts Emmy's, so big time boo there. But I'll go stag and be fabulous anyway. S'all good.

Anyway, the sneakiest of sneak previews:

OK who am I kidding, I'm only posting this pic because the shadow gives me a terrifying and huge and awesome monoboob.