ten . eleven . twelve

Some very fun friends from Sacramento and Portland (respectively) came into town for work, so I got to hang out with them on Thursday. First, we sat around and got stupidly drunk at The Standard in Hollywood. How drunk? This drunk:

I know. The second one is at least kinda funny (to me, anyway), but that first trick was dumb as fuck. You'd think I have a thing for emergency rooms, but I really do just live to make my friends laugh. I may as well die doing that, as anything else. I climbed up on the luggage rack while my friend S. was in the bathroom, and seriously, so worth the facial expression I was rewarded with, when he came out and saw me. Also? That was three greyhounds deep on an empty stomach. Speaking of, he dared me to wear the laundry bag out into the hotel bar to get us another round. IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING. But shockingly, neither the bartender nor the hipster crowd thought I was 1/100th as funny as we did.

Afterward, they treated me to dinner at The Bazaar (hooray, expense accounts!), and I had my first taste of molecular gastronomy:


I was skeptical at first, but am a total convert now. It was amazing! We had beef cheeks, then shrimp cocktail that came with these little tartar-sauce flavored syringes that you shoot into your mouth as you pull the shrimp off. SO GOOD. Then, mozzarella-tomato pipettes that just sort of burst into cream when you eat them. Delicious.

I suspect someone knew that pic would end up on the blahg and was being "helpful" there.

I know the syringes look sketchy and invite all kinds of mockery, but the taste really was spot on. And there was some kind of craziness with dry ice going on behind us. I'm sure these patrons appreciated me snapping pics at their $200+ dinner (only the one, really):

Afterward we went and saw listened to, from the peasant's gallery, Martin Solveig at Greystone Manner, and danced our molecular asstronomy off. I actually saw him last year at the Palladium, too. RIDICULOUS FUN. When Hello comes on, it's straight up anarchy. Definitely see him if you can!