weekend 10/12

My friend Ben had his fashion show on Friday night at Sky Bar in Hollywood. Well, not his, but the shop's where he works downtown. But boyfriend had a huge hand in designing the line, and has been working his ass off for weeks to complete the pieces, and on a deadline - he left for Bali the very next day.

I hitched a ride to the show with another designer friend of his, who was hilarious and sweet and did his best to make me more comfortable at the event (I felt crazy out of place and a bit intimidated, bumbling about with eight hundred fashionistas in head-to-toe editorial).

We sat by the pool, drank dirty martinis, and scouted guys (for him) while we waited for the show to start. At one point possibly/probably the one straight guy at the whole event glanced my way for about .005 of a second, and my companion, who caught the look, informed me that this dood was an ace in the sack.

"O rly?" I asked, laughing. "How can you tell?"

"Well, I have terrible gaydar, even though I'm gay. But I have incredible technique-dar. I can tell immediately if someone is good in bed."

I said that since the glancing dood was actually a bar back working the show, he probably felt just as indifferent to the whole thing as I did, and that would make an excellent ice breaker. We hatched a plan for me to "accidentally" bump into Bar Back Boy and spill my drink down the front of my dress, at which point I would DEMAND a room at The Mondrian, as recompense (etc. etc.). BBB walked by again, this time deliberately holding my gaze, and my new friend busted up.

"Damn girl, don't fall in love! Tonight only."

He wasn't actually even good looking, but it was a fun diversion from feeling painfully out of place in Glamoramaland.

At this the point show started, which basically consisted of models perching on resin cubes behind the pool, while a bank of photographers and industry peeps shot and Instagrammed the shit out of them.

I have absolutely no idea what I'm looking at/talking about, when it comes to high end design, but I had the ultimate tour guide - this design friend of Ben's has worked for Theory and Theyksens Theory, among other lines. He broke it down for me with helpful comments like, "That jacket is nice, but it's a bit derivative of DSQUARED2, two season ago..."


Anyway, I really didn't care about the actual clothes, though it was cool to see some of the pieces I tried on for Ben at the shop when he needed to tweak the pattern, finished in leather, on actual models. Plus, I got warm fuzzies from being able to stand back while everyone was gabbing about the whole scene and think, "Yeah, all that fancy stuff you guys are scrutinizing? My buddy did all that." I know the show was a big deal, and it was amazing to see that kind of talent being beautifully showcased and celebrated, but to me, he's just my awesome, fun-loving friend Ben of whom I have a small cache of bribeworthy, incriminating photos.

And who is now in Bali until after the New Year. :( :( :( for me but :) :) :) for him.

On Saturday, I went with K. and R. to the Taste of Italy festival over at the Pico House. Had never been, but since this was their second time going, they knew the score. They said last year they left hungry, so we spent our time strategically weighing our options as to how to spend our food tickets, so we'd actually be full. We ended up getting stuffed on pasta and gelato, then slightly shitty on red wine. Later, we got slightly shittier at Association and Casey's, and decided it would be a brilliant idea to walk Chaucer back over to their place so he could meet their cats.

Did not document. But was awesome. I think. (Slightly shitty.)

K. and R. are a really cool married couple that I enjoy so much. Good, hardworking people who love to have fun when they can make time for it.

Some pics from the festival: