all I've got

Well, I fell into a hole for a few days. And I sat down there for a while, trying to hatch an escape plan. I got a little lazy about it, and decided it was actually easier to just stay down there.

So I did that for another few days.

Finally, I got out, thanks in part to the rope ladder some lovely people threw down to me. But then I felt overwhelmed by all the clutter that had accumulated in my absence. So I pushed it all into the closet and left it there for another week, rather than deal with it.

I've been a little saturated with stimuli. Good, bad, new, exciting, stressful, welcome, unwelcome, confusing stimuli. Annoyingly esoteric, I know, but I've backed myself into a bit of a corner as far as privacy. Mine I don't care so much about - but I try not to mess with that of others.

Got into a bit of nastiness with a couple friends over a really dumb misunderstanding. That was embarrassing. Resolved now. 

Have been stupidly, ridiculously tired all the time. Like, falling down dead after only being awake for a few hours. Thinking it must have something to do with my thyroid, and the quest my doctor and I are on to find the right synthroid dosage. Looking forward to addressing my various WTFs to him at my upcoming appointment. 

Decided to amend my father's trust and remove myself completely from the responsibility of dispensing my brother's share. That way I can finally, absolutely sever ties and walk away.

Halloween happened. I only went out the weekend before, which was plenty, really. Halloween night everything sort of fizzled; people were exhausted from the weekend and not up to another late night out.  On the Friday before, I accepted a last-minute invitation to a party at The Forge, where I met some Instagrammers I've been friendly with. Well, one Instagrammer, who introduced me to a few others. I had such a great time. The Forge is the perfect party venue, and they did an amazing job of putting it all together. And the people I met were incredibly friendly and cool.

Saturday I went with K. and his new boyfriend - whom I hadn't yet met, and whom I now LOVE - to Tatou, which is a super silly place just across the freeway. But our friend V. was DJing so, no cover. Plus, hundreds of people in costume, and the music was admittedly great - the sound there is fantastic. It's a massive club, two floors, different rooms for different music. I stayed laaaate, almost til four. Pretty much all of my Halloween pics have other people in them as well as me, and it gives me the squickles to post them sans permission.

In other words, I'm wrapping up this devastatingly boring post without even adding any pics to spice it up.

Forgive me. I've been really, really low, and have missed blogging, but this is all I've got tonight, kids.