Suffering from depression is like being handed a closed carton of eggs every morning when I wake up. I have no idea whether, when I open it, there'll be a dozen perfect eggs, or if they'll be broken, all jagged flakes of shell and yellow goo.

I never know if I'm going to have anything to cook with, or just a fresh mess to clean up.

A small dose of cynicism is a good antidote to naivete, but a large dose is fatal to rare and beautiful things like faith, wonder, and magic.

I feel like every time the ATM asks me if I want a receipt, what it's really saying is, Do you want a tangible reminder of this financial indiscretion? No? Didn't think so. Please take your cash and enjoy it, you frivolous woman.

Dating someone is like trying to guess how they like their coffee, and then bringing them a cup of it. You have no idea if they take cream and sugar, or how much, or if they prefer it black. You're going into it completely blind, just hoping and gambling that they like it as sweet and creamy - or not - as you do, because that would make it so much easier to share.

Scratchers tickets depress me. All that hope, hanging on a gaudy, flimsy little card covered with promises and dollar signs. The mindlessness of the challenges - tic tac toe, three of a kind, match the symbols. The grimy little pile of dust that collects when you rub it with a coin's edge. The way that people just go ahead and play at the register, not even bothering to bring them home. It's such a non-event.

One person's principled is another person's sanctimonious, and that's a really good thing to keep in mind when talking to someone you don't know very well, because there's a world of difference between the two.

There's nothing noble or honorable about loyalty for loyalty's sake. If you're loyal to someone, it should be because they exhibit qualities you respect and aim for yourself. Loyalty should be earned by demonstrating character and integrity. It shouldn't be given away lightly, and certainly not by virtue of association.