Took myself to see Generationals tonight er, last night, at The Echo. Took the bus. Had time and an appetite, so I got breakfast at Brite Spot beforehand. I've had quite a few meals at restaurants alone lately, which sounds a lot more pathetic than it feels, I promise. There's a post called Cultivating Solitude that's fermenting in my head right now, about finding ways to really enjoy your own company - and why you should. Dining alone is an excellent one - but only every once in a while (obviously), and you've got to pick the right places.


Great show. Fantastic show. They played most of their latest album, a few older tracks, and some from a new EP. They definitely sound grungier, more distorted live - but it works. I think a fair metric for how good a show is could be whether it makes you want to listen to them more. And this absolutely did. There were two openers, Francisco The Man (pretty good) and Races (awesome).

It was the first time I'd been to The Echo, though I've been to The Echoplex downstairs a few times (Dragstrip 66 wut wuuut). Not a fan. It's very small, which, ok. But when a tiny venue gets oversold, it's pretty miserable for everyone. Not that it technically, legally was oversold - I'm sure they adhere to fire code, etc. I just think after a certain point (that point being when I can't move an inch without getting to third base with someone's elbow), club managers and promoters need to worry less about their bottom line and more about the experience of concert-goers.

Because while they probably made a killing selling tonight's show out, I guarantee I won't be the only one never returning to that venue, unless it's a band I HAVE to see. I was that uncomfortable, with how packed it was. And I'm a festival goer, fer Pete's sake. I know crowded. So they lose in the long run.

Other Notes For the Management of The Echo, in case they stumble upon this post:

1. Please shut off the TVs in the bar area during performances. That extra light is really distracting.

2. Please wait until the show is over to restock the bar. Your staff was wheeling empty kegs through the audience - albeit towards the back - and shining flashlights on us, during one of the most anticipated songs of the night.

3. Please consider asking opening bands to wait until the main performance is over to start carrying their instruments out the front door. Again, all this activity was carried on in and through the crowd, and really killed the mood.

4. $8 for a pint of cider? RealIy?? You do know you're in Echo Park, right? Not WeHo?

I only took a couple of photos, and I have to say I was impressed with the restraint the rest of the crowd showed with phones/cameras, as well. I have a (newish, admittedly) policy of only taking a couple of quick pics during the first minute of the first song, and then stowing my phone. I also let whoever's behind me know ahead of time that I'll be doing that - it's a well-received courtesy. I met some nice peeps doing this tonight, so I had someone with which to chat between sets. Win, win.

I was much closer for the first 3/4 of the show, but I a) couldn't deal with the pushers and b) wanted to dance a little bit, so I moved back after a while. It was impossible to find any room, though, and there were a lot of loud talkers on the fringes. So that was a bummer.

Still, for a $12 ticket, I can't really complain too badly. Generationals!

And to end, Ellie's Top Five Fave Generationals Tracks:

1. I Promise
2. Ten-Twenty-Ten
3. Say For Certain
4. Yours Forever
5. Tell Me Now