I love Nate Silver

Two confessions. 1. I am drunk. Obviously. 2. I am eating a celebratory donut. Which, actually, I don't think is a donut at all, but some kind of cruller thing. And is not very good, I am noticing. So strike #2. One. One confession.

I just walked strode across downtown from K. and R.'s, with whom I had dinner (risotto! brussel sprouts!) and three bottles of wine, and watched the election results. We got shitty, ate cheesy carbs, and talked about the craziness of their bosses, the craziness of wingnut Republicans, and the craziness of the fact that while visiting Italy, R. and K. obtained Italian citizenship by tracking down the birth records of R.'s paternal grandmother. HOW COOL. Now R. has an Italian passport and K. will get one in a couple of years, by virtue of their marriage.


I was so elated, so relieved, so inspired when I left, that I couldn't even walk at a normal pace, like a normal person. I stuck my hands deep in my hoodie (it got surprisingly cold while I was in their cozy loft, getting drunk and playing with their cats), put my headphones in, queued up I.D.G.A.F.O.S., and practically danced home to Famima to get a donut cruller.

How about that acceptance speech? Christ I love that man. I love today. I love Nate Silver. I love getting choked up, handing in an election ballot. I love watching people Instagram their "I voted" stickers. I love watching conservatives melt down and eat crow.

Heaping helpings of crow.

And I love, love, love that Elizabeth Warren won.

And now, some cats!

Edith and Jumper are the most politically savvy cats I've ever met, and that's saying a lot.

And if you're wondering whether I'm the sort of dinner guest to help out while my host is slaving over a hot stove - or the kind to lay on the floor, play with the cats, and watch, well, wonder no more!

Four more years, e'erbody! Gooooooobama!