Instagram cull

I performed a small culling of my Instagram followers a few days ago. I really, really love IG (it's my Facebook), and it's important to me to keep my experience of it as genuine and enjoyable as possible. I'd rather have a small following of people who are actually interested in my photos, and even me as a person, than a huge faux-following of disinterested - or even hostile - strangers.

First I blocked all the spambots. It's amazing how plentiful those suckers are. Pick someone at random and go through their follower list - chances are every tenth person is a spambot. Then I blocked anyone who follows more than 500 people, because come on. There's no way you can keep up with or genuinely appreciate that large of a feed, unless the extent of your engagement is occasional bouts of mindless double-tapping. None of those people had names I recognized, because they never liked or commented any of my photos. I was just one of several hundred or thousands of other image-makers to them. That's a sloppy, inauthentic use of a creative medium into which most users (including me) put genuine effort and thought, and I don't want my life to just be a bunch of ignored output in a stream of meaningless imagery.

Then I blocked a few people who follow a reasonable number of others, but who have never, ever, once commented on or liked one of my photos. They just follow and watch. Some of them comment on and like the photos of others, too, so it isn't as if they're inactive. They were just lurking when it came to my feed, and it bugged me.

I still have more of those, though. People who added me, but then never say hello, say why they're following me, or like anything I post, ever. Not sure what that's about. If you're one of those people, you know I can see you watching me, right?  Please don't be weird and creepy and unfriendly. If you're interested enough to look at my life up close, please step forward from the shadows and click "like" once in a while.

Side note: I don't add anyone that has a private feed, unless I either "know" them from familiar internet circles, or they make a minimal effort of just saying hello, maybe giving me some small idea of who they are and why they want to see my life. I just think it's a nice courtesy when you follow someone on IG to give at least some indication of why you're doing so - particularly if they tend to post personal photos.

I'm a super friendly and engaged Instagrammer, and I really enjoy getting to know the people I follow and who follow me. No matter if you're someone I know or knew from RL or internet circles (Weddingbee, etc), I respond really well to people - familiar or strange - reaching out and being a little bit friendly to me.

Yay Instagram, basically.