I talked to (well, texted) my friend Cameron (who's living in Texas) briefly tonight, and I was reminded of a funny thing that happened with him once, that I never wrote down.

So I'm writing it down.

First, as context, you have to know that the gayby discussion came up for us about, oh, two weeks into our friendship, because we were just that close that fast (also, that crazy). As in, "Ellie, you should have my gayby!" and "Cam, you're totally right! That sounds like a great idea!" I'm really only slightly exaggerating because this was at the time that my marriage was unraveling and he was seriously unhappy with his job. It seemed as good an idea as any as to how to proceed with our lives. Fuck it. We're practically a romantic comedy already, anyway. Let's go whole hog. 

So, yeah, we briefly had pacifier-shaped stars in our eyes.

Anyway, one day about a year after that, he and I went to IKEA to get, among other things, a new crib mattress for Chaucer to sleep on. He helped me compare mattress thickness and sheets and whatnot, and I decided the "California king" version would be best - nice and long for Chauc's legs to stretch out on.

Then on the way out, we found ourselves smack in the middle in one of the massive IKEA elevators, looking at one another from opposite sides of a shopping cart with a huge crib mattress sticking out of it. We were both holding it so it wouldn't wobble out (it was one of the oversized, longer ones), and as our eyes met, it dawned on us simultaneously that we were surrounded by strangers eyeing us with completely understandable curiosity.

The realization of what it must have looked - and sounded - like to everyone else in the elevator hit us at the same time and we busted up pretty badly, creating what was probably a slightly worrisome scene for some of the more conservative riders. I really hope they're not doing what I think they're doing, and if they are, I hope they take it more seriously than they are right now. I think one of us even tried to mess with them, saying something about baby names, but we were laughing too hard to play it straight.

Anyway, it was sort of a fantastic moment, in a friendship that has been rather stuffed with them.