I know nothing.

There's something I want to say about my last post. Something isn't sitting right with me, regarding what I wrote about dating.

I just have this feeling that if any of my ex's, or even some of the men I've dated were to read it, their eyes might roll out of their heads.

To be clear: I don't have everything figured out. I don't want to give the impression that I think I do, or that I think myself a Perfectly Noble Beast who makes all the right choices for all the right reasons. What I said about the way I'm trying to choose partners is true, but it's probably not the whole story. I am trying to be more selective about what I do with my time in general, but it isn't as if I'm sitting there, looking at a line up of men, declaring them worthy or unworthy based on my 'life is short' metric.

It's more complicated than that. There are some reasons I do the things I do - start or end relationships - that are wholly selfish, or unreasonable, or random, or contradictory, or...whatever, that have nothing to do with the loss I've experienced.

I'm only human, and my ego and fears jerk me around the same way they do everyone else.

I've met and gotten to know some amazing guys in the past few years. Truly remarkable, impressive people. And they are 100% worth partnering up with, to the right woman. And I'm no better or worse than them as a person or partner.

I just had this squicky feeling that my last post made me sound like an asshole, so that's all I wanted to say.

Happy Thursday.