lucky tooth

Today was root canal day. Well, it was supposed to be, anyway. But it turns out I didn't need one after all.

My dentist numbed me up, and I plugged into my music, sailing away to lands mysterious and exotic in my mind (ok maybe not that exotic; I was fantasizing about Bonnaroo this summer). I was actually doing really well, fairly relaxed and pretty checked out of the demolition going on in my mouth.

Then all of a sudden, my dentist puts down his instrument of torture and asks me if I have a dollar. "Whaa?" I say, my jaw propped open wider than it's been since, well, let's not go there. He unstuffs whatever it was he'd stuffed in my cheek, I swallow and say, "I'm going to owe you a lot more than a dollar when you're through with me."

"No no," he says, laughing. "After you leave here, you need to go buy a lottery ticket. You don't need a root canal."

I blink. I don't understand.

"Looking at your x-rays, it appears you do. But when I got in there, I went really slowly, downsizing my tool as I got through the decay. And it hasn't actually hit the nerve, which explains why it hasn't been bothering you. The chances of that are tiny, and most dentists would have just plowed in. But you don't need it. It's close, and you might some day, but not today. So, go get lottery ticket, because that is a lucky tooth and today is your lucky day."

The best part is I saved some $600 or so. Suh-weet. Though I still have to get an impacted wisdom tooth out in February, ughhh. But today? Today is lucky. So if anyone wants to come rub my Blarney stones, let me know. I'm single, so they're available for that sort of thing.