boys club

Mason and Spyro are coming into town today, with another friend of theirs, to go to the U of A game. Apparently, we're all going out before and after the game, and hijinks have been promised/threatened. More on that momentarily. 

I'm really excited to see them, particularly because this is the first time in over a decade that I'll get to see them together. I've seen them individually since, and we talk and text all the time, but as far as being all together? Not since we all lived in Tucson. 

I have an oft-ridiculous but wholly awesome relationship with these guys, both of whom I've known since I was 21. They're like brothers to me, and they've been great, supportive friends through some of the roughest times of my life. They've also ushered me into a sort of boys club amongst some of their other friends, who've now become my friends, and who I spend time with independent of them. I'm treated as an honorary member of this otherwise men's only group - friends whose collective narrative spans some fifteen years. 

Naturally, it's a lot of fun - and a source of endless entertainment - to be considered one of the guys. The competition and one upmanship that goes on between them is hysterical to witness, and I get behind-the-scenes privileges that I don't take lightly. But it means I'm subjected to the same teasing, ball-busting, and brutal honesty to which they treat one another. Usually, I can take it. Sometimes, though, I cry uncle. But no matter how pissed off at or annoyed by one another we get, we remain friends who can call one another up in the dead of night to bemoan love lost or just shoot the shit. They're both huge supporters of my writing, and I know I could tell them anything. 

When I go to Burning Man this summer, it will be in the company of these guys. And even though I'm planning on splitting off and doing my own thing for much of it, I cannot wait to spend some time with them there. 

And today, I get to see them. Both! And I will try not to Instagram the day into oblivion, though they know the score, and are endlessly patient with my impulse to document. Spyro, today: 

- Be prepared for day drinking.

- I'll get my sippy cup ready.

- I want a fresh roll of memory cards for all those unforgettable Instagrammablicious moments that only we can capture together.

- I think if we do it right, we should NOT want evidence / documentation, no?

- Don't taunt me. I've got pharma companies from remote labs in Iowa backwoods supporting me on this trip. 


p.s. I've been lax about maintaining aliases for my friends on my blog, but the recent increased exposure Elliequent has gotten is a kick in my pants to change that. So sometime soon, I'm going to go through and change all real names, in all posts. Kind of an epic and tedious undertaking, but it needs to be done. BTW: everyone who features regularly on my blog knows that they are, and gets to choose their own nom du blogue; that's where the names will come from. :)