mea culpa

Quick housekeeping: I've pulled a few posts.

One was my last, an epic and epically clumsy explanation of why I don't allow comments on my blog. As usual, I let my writing just run away with itself and said some stuff that made me sound snobbish and was, I imagine, very alienating. The minute I published it I was conflicted about it, and sure enough, my instinct was right. Shouldn't have written it. What a shocker. Ellie fucked up again. I've since written this epic post, partly in an attempt to better explain what I was trying to say in the first place.

The other posts were dayblogging type posts that I need to revisit and revise, because they, too, were epically dumb and offensive.

I am an epically dumb and offensive person. I'm always shocked to hear that anyone reads my ridiculous ramblings. I can't say I'm the least bit shocked when they are identified as such.