project glass

The friends with whom I'm going to Burning Man have an email thread, for coordinating logistics. Last month, someone sent through a link to Google's Project Glass, saying "Someone please apply for this. Imagine having it at Burning Man!"

Immediately, a couple people piped up that documentation of any kind runs completely contrary to the spirit of the festival. Heated words were exchanged.

Meanwhile, I checked out the site, watched the video, saw that the application only needed to be a 50 word or less tweet, and figured I'd give it a shot. So I did. And on Thursday, this happened:

I got the reply tweet while I was at the UofA game, and I was beside myself excited, because I didn't realize that so many people received invitations, or that I'd still have to pay $1500 if I want to buy Glass. There's also the fact that my pitch - using it at Burning Man - isn't even feasible anyway, since there's no cellular coverage or wifi on the playa.

Plus, my friends are right about documentation, and I don't know that I'd want to even mess with something like Glass when I'm there; I plan on being pretty busy with other things (not to mention, it would get absolutely trashed in the desert).

Still - how cool! And my friend whose idea it was might want to buy it with me, anyway; he's pretty techy, and we were brainstorming ideas about other things we could do with it. So for now I'm sitting tight and waiting to see what the details are. It might pan out or it might not, but either way, it was a pretty exciting thing that happened. :)