call from here

Alex: Thank you for calling Mama Mia's Pizza, Alex speaking. What can I get for you today?

Me: Hi, Alex. Um, I was wondering if you guys deliver?

Alex: If we deliver?

Me: Yeah. Do you offer delivery? 

Alex: You, to the mountain or something?

Me: Well, no. I was actually hoping you could send it a little further than that.

Alex: (pause) Where exactly would you like your pizza delivered, ma'am?

Me: Los Angeles. 

Alex: Los Angeles?

Me: That's right. 

Alex: You want me to deliver your pizza to Los Angeles.

Me: Yes, please. But there's one other thing. I need you to deliver it to future, too. 2013, to be exact.

Alex: (sigh) Look, lady, we're really busy here, so thanks for the prank call, but--

Me: Wait! Don't hang up! Please don't hang up. I want something. I want to place an order. I'm just not sure I can get back to you. I'm having a hard time remembering, that's all.

Alex: Okaaaay, wellllll, did you want cheese, pepperoni, sausage, veggie, or supreme? 

Me: Ummm, I think he'd want sausage. Or maybe supreme. Yeah. Supreme for sure. Except no mushrooms. He hated mushrooms.

Alex: So this is for two people?

Me: Yeah. Just two. I think. Well, I don't know. I don't remember who took the picture. It could have been my mom, or it could have been a stranger. But I think we might have gone alone...

Alex: Ma'am...?

Me: Sorry, yes, just two. So a medium I guess?

Alex: Ok, medium supreme, hold the mushrooms. That'll be eleven dollars, ready in twenty minutes, and you can pick it up at Snoas--

Me: Alex?

Alex: Ma'am?

Me: Could you just...could you just tell me what it's like there today? You know, like, describe it a little bit? It's been a really long time.

Alex: What it's like...where, ma'am?

Me: There. Wherever you are. I'm trying, but I just... I can't...

Alex: Ma'am....? Are you...ok?

Me: Yeah. I'm good. It's's a year ago today that he died, and I'm looking through all these photographs, and most of the moments I remember, but I don't know which trip this was, or what it was like, and I don't even care about the place or the date so much as I just...I just want to be there, yanno? In my mind, just for a few minutes. I want to close my eyes and feel what it was like. But it's been so long, almost thirty years, I don't even... I can't...

Alex: Ok, ok, calm down. One sec, my manager is yelling at me...

(muffled voices) 

Alex: Alright look, I'm on my lunch break in a few minutes, anyway. What it is you want to know?

Me: Just tell me about the place where you are. About what it's like there today. Anything at all.

Alex: Okaaaay, well, I'm in a shack the size of my parent's bathroom at the bottom of a big ass mountain. It's not snowing today, but it did last night, so the powder's pretty good, and everyone's in a good mood. They're tipping for once, anyway. Some little girl left a sweater in here a little while ago, so I gotta--

Me: Wait, what did you say?

Alex: Some little girl. She was in here with her dad. Cute kid, total tomboy. Looked exhausted though. They got a supreme pizza and sat at the counter. The kid picked all of the veggies and stuff off of it and put them on her dad's slices. (laughs) Anyway, yeah, she left her sweater, or I guess her dad's sweater, it's pretty big. I gotta run it over to lost and f--

Me: Alex?

Alex: Yeah?

Me: Listen, I'm sorry to be a pain in the ass, but I need to cancel the order. I can't...I can't get to you. I'm sorry. I wish more than anything I could, but I can't.

Alex: So no medium supreme?

Me: Yeah. I mean no. Not today. But thank you. Really...thanks.

Alex: Sure, no problem, I didn't put the order in yet, anyway. Have a good day, ok? 

(dial tone)

Me: Thanks, yeah...I'm sure we did.