hell no, I'm just s...(WHAT? WHAT AM I JUST??)

Gah, ok, this blog has devolved into a shitty collection of flame wars, promises of future posts, and dumb screenshots. Here's one of the latter, that I'm using as a placeholder, because I hate the fact that my most recent post is just a pool of red, angry ink.

And I hate the fact that I subjected everyone to it, because what the hell, how boring and sort of juvenile. But I have a hard time letting things go when I feel I am criticized unfairly, which is what I felt was going on.


I'm posting this screenshot for the LOLz, and no I'm not fucking pregnant, and jeez, I don't talk about dog penis that much, and why, mystery searcher, would you put "electronic festivals" in quotes, as if they are a mythical thing?

I assure you they are real and wonderful.

Ok, seriously better stuff is in the works, I SWARE.