melancholy girl

Melancholy girl talks in riddles and rhymes, in unfinished thought and suggestive implication. She doesn't know any other way. She is incapable of being clear or direct in her words, because she's afraid of the consequences. She's afraid to say no, because she's so afraid of being said no to. She is terrified - utterly terrified - of being alone.

Melancholy girl has no boundaries. She lets men take as little or as much as they want, and she tells herself she's gifted them something beautiful, no matter how much it cost her. Melancholy girl doesn't keep a good accounting of herself, and spends emotions on credit.

Melancholy girl has no true identity. She floats about, her eyes and ears keen to the charms of other women. When she sees something she admires - or that wins the attention of men - she morphs, chameleon-like, into that thing. Melancholy girl has no idea who she is. She collects visions of what she wishes that was, but that's as close as she gets to self-awareness.

Melancholy girl draws men in with her doleful sighs and downcast eyes. They want to fix her. They want to take care of her. Melancholy girl devastates men, or they devastate her, because only she can fix herself, but she doesn't know how. Melancholy girl doesn't have healthy relationships. She thrives on drama, on wild highs and crushing lows.

Melancholy girl attracts a certain kind of man - one who needs to feel strong in the face of her weakness. Melancholy girl tries very hard to appear helpless. Melancholy girl is often victimized by abusive, womanizing men. But because she doesn't love herself, deep down, she doesn't think she deserves anything better.

Melancholy girl is sometimes sincere in her pain, and sometimes not. Sometimes she's just an incredible and disgustingly manipulative actress.

Melancholy girl makes me angry. She's lazy. She's given up. She empowers abusive, selfish, and dangerous men. She hands the reigns over to them with a bat of her eyelashes. And when they've left her aching on the bathroom floor to go find another victim, she refuses to own her role in the ugly, sad story. Melancholy girl needs to grow the fuck up.

Melancholy girl is also a magnet for unhappy and lonely men - men looking for a purpose in life. She lures them with the promise of the emotionally exotic and the physically erotic. But it's all bullshit and games.

Melancholy girl isn't real. I could touch her and she'd turn to feathers and dust. She's as substantial as vapor.

Melancholy girl won't make you laugh. She'll only make you cry.

Melancholy girl will trap and drown you, if you let her.

You won't be richer for your experience of her. Only a little bit more used up.