plan of attack

I've realized there's absolutely no way I'll be able to do a thorough review of my entire weekend at Coachella. It's taken me four massive posts just to get through the first four hours. And last night (and again this morning), I spent an extremely frustrating couple of hours trying to write a sort of chronological wrap-up of the remainder of the weekend. It felt rushed and sloppy and cheap, like I was just going through the motions of blogging about an event for the sake of blogging about an event.

Then I tried to do a sort of mixed-bag highlight reel, touching on the most memorable aspects. That, too, felt elliptical and unsatisfactory. And I realized I need a new plan of attack. I realized that what I'd prefer to do is stop trying to blog about the rest of the weekend in any traditional fashion, and just revisit it randomly here and there, as inspiration strikes. That way I can pick out a few of the most intense moments and really concentrate on bringing them back to life, with plenty of detail and description. I think that would be the most fulfilling way for me to write about it, and (I hope) the most fun way for you to read about it. 

I'm sorry, guys; I'm sure it's annoying to have me come out of the gate full-steam and then fizzle off like this. But holy crap, I'd still have another 32 hours worth to get through. It would take ages. But I promise I'll dive deep into the remaining moments I've wanted to share, because they were fantastic and fun and hilarious.