waving hi from the moon

I hope she doesn't mind my sharing this here, but a reader/social media friend told me something yesterday that absolutely blew me away.

She's a high school English teacher (which I knew), and at her school's recent graduation ceremony, she was awarded Teacher of The Year. I left a comment commending her on the IG post where this was mentioned (along with, I might add, a bunch of her students telling her how much they adore her), and this was part of her reply:

... PS I told my students about your blog and even showcased your Tetherball post as a solid utilization of a metaphor. We then deconstructed your use of language to figure out your purpose. My kids dig your writing. 

Sooooo, that is a thing that happened. Something I wrote was used as a lesson in a high school English class, by a teacher who is so good at what she does that she won Teacher of The Year. I am so incredibly honored by this, I could just about cry. It's probably the single most motivating piece of feedback I've ever received about my writing.

Thank you, P. You just boosted me to the moon. :)