Every so often I fall into a sort of in-between space, with blogging. That's what it feels like, anyway. Like I'm floating on an ellipse between movements (events, or stories, or, I guess, just bursts of inspiration), and I have to make the decision to throw out some kind of anchor lest I just keep floating indefinitely.

I'm on an ellipse right now. I've been busy, or distracted, or just plain absent in my own mind, where this space is concerned. And when that happens, when thoughts and ideas start to bottleneck, I find the best thing to do is just ramble a little bit, dear diary-style. 

The main thing I guess I want to communicate is that my silence isn't indicative of anything troubling. Things are good. 

My birthday last weekend was amazing. I got to see everyone I'd want to see, with some notable exceptions. I was able to round up local friends that I don't get to see together all that often anymore (everyone has moved, and drifted apart somewhat). I let myself get wasted and make a sappy speech telling them how much I love them, and how much their friendship means to me.

I pretend to be mortified immediately afterward, when I do stuff like that, but I secretly love my sappy side. 

Mason and Spyro flew in for a couple of days last weekend as well - not just to see me; other friends were here for the weekend as well, so we all hung out Friday and Saturday. Stupid, crazy fun, and a huge treat to see them together. Saturday morning saw me marching in circles on a hotel bed, wrapped in a bedspread, with a lamp shade on my head, and talking to myself.

There may or may not have been a fungus among us. 

Wally has been here as well, so I've spent some time with him the past couple of days. The usual combination of goofing around and heart-to-heart talks, in the usual settings. I confide in him personal things I've been holding on to. He listens, asks questions, nods and smiles, or gives me side-eye. Calls me out on my shit, as always. 

I leave Wednesday night for Bonnaroo (Chaucer will have an in-home sitter). And yep, I'm still going with my new friend. His brother is joining us on Friday, with a one-day pass to the fest. I'll probably sneak off at some point and let them have some time alone. 

As far as Bonnaroo, I've got most of my Friday through Sunday schedule figured out (don't know Thursday yet). What I know so far:

Passion Pit's DJ set at the Silent Disco (one of my favorite things to do at Bonnaroo, just insanely fun)
Of Monsters and Men
The XX
On an On
Paul McCartney
Wolfgang Gartner
Porter Robinson
Patrick Watson
Four Tet
Beach House
The Lumineers
Mumford and Sons
Billy Idol
Empire of the Sun (starts at 2 am!)
The National
The Mowgli's
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

I'm obsessed with The Hunter by On and On right now. On loop nonstop, for a good week now. Same with The Great Divide by the Mowgli's. Love, love, love seeing the smaller bands at huge fests like this. They are just so pumped to be there. Cannot wait to hear The Hunter live, oh my god. Another track I'm psyched to hear live is Lighthouse, by Patrick Watson. So good.

Just got the chills. Gahhhhhhh. Four days. Festivals are my life's bliss. I know that sounds dumb. What a dumb thing to say. Life's bliss? LOL. Good grief, Ellie. But really. My living heaven.

And that wraps up this installation of Touching Base With People Who Deserve a Much More Interesting Blog Post. Sorry. That birthday bonanza did a number on me, but I'm dialed back in now. I think.