Hey lovely people. I've gotten a few nudges over the last few days, as I've been kind of quiet on the blog and social media fronts. Humbled to be asked after, thank you, but all is totally well! I had a very busy extended weekend spending time with friends from out of town, then I got a wee cold, and now I'm just focusing on some meatspace stuff, taking a bit of an unplug for a few days while I gear up for Bonnaroo next week.

But everything is well and fine, thanks very much to those of you who've asked, or are even just wondering. :) 

If I can get some stuff done that is of a Higher Priority Level in the next few days, hopefully I can bust out a post or two before I leave for Tennessee. In the meantime, this was kinda lolzy. I had originally posted one more collage to IG, covering the rest of Friday night and all of Saturday with my friends, but I realized it was just overkill at that point. Someone, however, objected to the removal of his flattering pics:

Anyway, far be it from me to anger the gods, even though I look horrifying:

Oh, and that's Google Glass in the middle. We talked to a guy at the pool wearing a pair, and he let us check them out (and try them on for dumb photo ops). #maturity