So, uh, I just re-read the last couple of posts I wrote about the guy I started seeing, and I just want to say this: I barely know this person. I've seen this person, like, a handful of times. I realize upon re-reading them that my posts give the impression that I know him better than I do, probably (especially?) because of the bit about "protective walls." And it's not sitting well with me.

Sometimes I let my writing get carried away with itself. I turn my experiences into stories because for one thing, I want to be a professional storyteller. I need all the practice I can get. And for another, I just enjoy doing so. It's my creative release. Some people paint. Some people cook. Some people make films.

I write florid, slightly gushy blog posts about the men I date. 

I like this person. I've enjoyed getting to know this person. I'm more interested in continuing to get to know this person than I have been with anyone for a while. But yeah, I barely know this person. 

Anyway, that will conclude this edition of Amendments To Blog Posts Written Under the Spell of Post-Date Bliss.

C'est tout.