t-minus two months

Just got home from seeing the orthopedist. Have never been so relieved in my life. The doctor says I'm perfectly fine, the break healed straight, and my foot looks strong based on my last X-ray. He cleared me to start slowly putting weight back on it, and says I should ditch the crutches completely within two weeks. And the best part? He says I should be fine to start running again in another six weeks after that.

Yes, that's still two more months of no running. But compared to the doomsday scenarios I've been crafting my head, that's the best news possible. I've tried to put up as positive a front as possible about this whole thing, but the truth is this past week I was really starting to get scared. There's still tenderness on the inside of my foot (which he says is normal), and I'd convinced myself that they'd mixed up my X-rays or something, and that things were much worse than I'd been told.

I'd gone online and read all kinds of horror stories and absolutely worked myself up to a fever pitch of worry, since the doc I'd originally seen wasn't an ortho, and I was starting to think she didn't know what she was talking about. Had a complete meltdown the other day, in fact. But as Mason (who fielded the meltdown call) pointed out, no one ever goes online to post things like "Yeah, minor break, healed great, no sweat, was back running in a few months."

Oh my god. I can seriously feel so much tension loosening in my body, now that I know I'm going to be just fine. I'm going for a few sessions of PT starting next week, just to get over my fear of walking again and make sure I have full range of movement and flexibility back in that flipper. But after that I should be back to 100%. YAY!

Anyway, I know I've been bleating about this dumb injury here and there and everywhere, so I wanted to update. So, so, so happy. Have a great weekend, you guys. :)