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HardFest Day of the Dead 2013: A Post In Four Parts

PART THE FIRST: Text Messages

4:51 PM

We're forced to split off at the security checkpoint since I have a VIP ticket and his is general admission. I get in before him and we text while I wait.

Me: Haha, your Foursquare check in.

Him: :) Shoulda snapped a photo of us.

Me: I'm gonna drop my bag in the locker. Meet me by the main sign, it's all lit up.

Him: Bae I feel like cattle. Mooooooo bae.

Me: It's hilarious, right?

Him: Totally.

Me: Did you see the Amnesty Box?

Him: No, where?

Me: By the second security check. I would love to see someone use it.

Him: Haha, they should put one up at slaughterhouses. ASPCA protest installation idea.

Me: I don't get it.

Him: Wait me neither. I thought cows could claim amnesty?

I don't answer. Busy taking a pic of this enterprising young man:
That is some next-level thinking right there.

5:17 PM

Me: Are you still in line for the bathroom?

Him: Yeah. Picked line with a bunch of chicks. Insert Bad Luck Brian meme.

Me: Put your arm up. Just I so know what line to stand behind. 

LeBoyf raises le arm

Me: Never mind, see ya. 
        Over your left shoulder. :) 

Him: Raise your arm if you're suuuuure. #wereold

Me: By the way... *send cheesy two monthiversary collage of pics of us*

Him: I love you bae. I love bae. 
         Beyond Amazing Ellie. 
         Bouncing Around Ellie. 
         Be Always Ellie. 

PART THE SECOND: Fragmented Highlight Summary

Warm up with Cut Copy. Wander, take it in. Our first fest! Stop to randomly dance and goof, feel uh-maze-ing. Eric Prydz blows my mind. Just perfection. Dance, cuddle, rest, repeat. Cozy in spite of the cold. PDA bordering on obnoxious - no, yep, def obnoxious. I love that you dance facing me instead of looking at the stage. -Well, yeah. There's nothing to see on stage. Dude pushing buttons. This is our dance party right here. Bathroom break me, bathroom break him, bathroom break me, bathroom break him. Meet me behind the ferris wheel. Overhear a kid say "grandma alert!" as he walks by me. Heart stops. Turn and see elderly woman a few feet away. Heart resumes beating. Moments later, chat up a couple in their 50s. In costume. Totally adorable, totally having a blast. Tell LeBoyf about them. Aww, you should have made them wait to meet me! Chilling in the disco tent. Blurry selfies. Okay, look all emo and young and 21. -Oh my god I look awful. So much for waterproof mascara. Make fun of shirtless buff dudes dancing in groups, eyeing girls they don't approach. Bro, spot my dance move! -Ahahaha, you have to tweet that. -If I get a good pic of them I will. (I don't.) Pretty Lights blows his mind. Finally, the finale - Deadmau5! Doesn't really do it for him. Me? LOVE LOVE LOVE. Dead of love for Deadmau5. Tricky, playful, sneaky beats to the point of almost being annoying - but then he drops it and ohhhhhhwowww. Thrilled to have seen him live. Yay!

PART THE THIRD: The Fruit Punch Flavored Water Bottle Mystery 

"How do you get the top off of these things?"

"I don't know. Maybe the top thing doesn't open. Maybe you just have to unscrew the cap like a regular bottle. Here..." 

...five minutes later...

"Weird. Yours tastes all sweet, but this one just tastes like regular water."

"Let me try... Oh my god, babe! I think they refilled this one with tap water!" 

"Oh they did not, stop it. It was sealed, remember? I twisted it off for you." 

"Then why does it taste like plain water when the bottle says it's fruit punch flavor??"

"I don't know. Maybe it was a screw up at the factory. Here, I'll take it, you take this one."

"No, don't drink it! There's something wrong it it!"

"Oh my god, it's fine! I don't care. Come on, let's get back to the stage."

...on the subway home...

"Ohhhhhhh." *reads bottle* "You twist the cap to release the vitamins! That's why one tasted sweeter than the other! The flavor comes down like this..." *demonstrates*

"That is the dumbest, most overly complicated and unnecessary product I have ever seen. And at HardFest of all places. Who the heck is going to be in their right mind to follow those directions?"

"Ahahaha, we are dumb."