Today I went to a music festival, and while I was waiting for a set to start, a really sweet kid I was standing next to chatted me up. We killed time talking about music and LA and Halloween, and he excitedly busted out his phone to show me a picture of him and his boyfriend, dressed as Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke. They won a costume contest in West Hollywood, and that's no small feat.

When there was a lull in our conversation, he said, "Here, I'll give you a bracelet." He held up a wrist covered with half a dozen orange and white beaded elastic bracelets. "Do you know how to do the thing?" he asked. I did not know how to do the thing. I didn't even know what thing he meant.

Apparently there's a little bracelet-giving ceremony at festivals, where you put your hands together in a series of poses, and say things (which I don't remember exactly, but stuff like "friendship", "peace", etc.), and then lace your fingers to slide the bracelet from one person to the other.

I about died, it was so cute.

And that was not half an hour after a girl who noticed I was low on water wordlessly handed me her own full bottle, smiling and gesturing for me to pour some of it into mine. A complete stranger.

Saw some incredible sets (finally saw Oliver! crazy fun hearing MYB live, total sunset dance party), discovered some new-to-me artists (Cirez D*, whose stuff I didn't like online but WOW so great live, Kavinsky, Benoit and Sergio), but those were the nicest moments of the night.

*Who is actually Eric Prydz. Did not know that. Fancy.