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eHow to Wash A Duvet using an eFucking eJoke of an eAppliance

1. Stuff duvet in Super Efficient washer/dryer combo, for 30 minutes of washing. IMPORTANT: Do not start wash past 10:00 PM, as the five minutes of continuous wall slamming that occurs during the spin cycle may annoy neighbors.

2. Set Super Efficient washer/dryer combo to 90 minutes of "drying" time.

3. Wait 90 minutes. Repeat step 2.

4. Wait 90 minutes. Repeat step 2.

5. Transfer damp duvet to bathroom and drape over shower door.

6. Wait 8 hours.

7. Transfer now dry duvet to couch/chair, glancing at it occasionally over the next 36 hours.

8. Return duvet and comforter to bed and engage in ten minute, three-way duel with bedding items in attempt to correctly assemble them.

9. Collapse, victorious, onto slightly stiff, heavily wrinkled, but relatively fresh duvet.

Total time investment: 49 hours, 10 minutes