the week in absurdly sweet shit leboyf did

I hope you guys know how much I love writing stuff to entertain you, or that you at least find relatable. It makes my week when someone takes a moment to let me know I've written something they've enjoyed - you have no idea how much so.

But every once in a while, I put something up that's more or less just for me. This is one of those posts. Please bear with me, because I really am trying to be less one-note, I swear. But LeBoyf made and sent me all of these, with pics he took himself, and holy crap it's all just too awesome not to share and celebrate. I'm just so grateful.

Amazing, right? And then there was the afternoon I was experimenting with Mextures for the first time, and sent him this:

And I got back this:

So I bounced back this:

And in return got this:

This is the kind of thing I am on the receiving end of lately. Stupidly lucky girl is stupidly lucky.