oversized air freshener

I put up an Instagram post derived from the vid below, but I wanted to redo it slower and sync the music differently so I could send the whole glorious 36 seconds to LeBoyf. It was super easy to make, using the VideoPix app (to slow it down, in this case to 15 frames/second, though the IG one is 18 fps) and the InstaVideo app (to add music, in this case The Christmas Song by The Raveonettes). Then I uploaded it straight to YouTube from my phone.

We (obviously) got a tree last night, an anemic little thing that looked more like an oversized air freshener sitting in the car than an actual holiday decoration BUT IT IS OURS and we carefully hung a handful of very lightweight ornaments on it (which will probably be smashed by Chaucer's tail anyway) while listening to records. Then we went for Thai food and came home and watched The Ricky Gervais Show projected on the wall above a happy (if hungry) looking tree, and it was good.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far, being cozy and content, and eating the hell out of some carbs. I've got the next coupla nights to myself so I'm planning on putting up some meaty posts, because I know I have been weaksauce lately.