serenade in b

And if they were to ask why I insist on posting videos of you playing everywhere I can, all over the goddamn internet, this is what I would say to them. I'd say, Well, I'm sure by now you've gathered that he's a really sweet and loving and fun guy, but what you might not realize is that Terence is blind.

Terence is blind, and doesn't see his own talent. He doesn't get it. And I'm not talking about just humbly demurring or shrugging it off, when I ask with disbelief, after hearing him play some pretty tune, Wait, you wrote that?? I'm talking about a serious and extremely frustrating-to-witness lack of self-confidence, from someone who doesn't recognize his own potential. 

So guess what? You can go ahead and keep thinking that the music you make is nothing special, you can keep finding excuses or reasons not to accept how immensely talented and creative you are, and you can keep ignoring the fact that you're fucking good at something that comes so easy to you. In the meantime, I'll be over here continuing to be your biggest fan, and getting the beautiful things you write heard by as many people as I, here in my tiny little corner of the blogosphere, possibly can. 

Deal with it.