BREAKING: self-important people are self-important

There is some real assholery happening on Twitter lately.

I am all for corporate accountability. And I've said before that I think the accessibility that Twitter provides between companies and customers is fantastic. But some Tweeps seem to consider that accessibility a license to be shitheads. To be arrogant, self-important, entitled, whiny little brats. To name drop Company X, in order to bully, shame, or manipulate Company Y into compliance with their demands.

And maybe I'm the only one, but I find it so gross. I'm experiencing much second-hand embarrassment on behalf of people who seem to have zero self-awareness of how impolite and pushy they sound.

If you want to use Twitter to voice complaints, go for it. Power to the people, etc. But maybe stop and think for .02 seconds before you fire off your ~140 character screed. Specifically these thoughts might serve you well:

Is this public forum really the appropriate medium for my request?

Am I counting on my OMGklout to get me the outcome I desire? And is that cool or is it incredibly douchetastic?

At the other end of my digital foot stomping is an actual human being, who probably spends her entire day responding to impatient angerballs. How can I use tone and word choice to voice my desire/displeasure while still showing respect to that working professional?

Every single one of my followers is about to get an illustration of how I speak to service professionals. They'll probably assume I'm equally as polite/pompous to waiters, flight attendants, bank tellers, and hotel maids. And they'll draw conclusions about my character accordingly.

I am actually not a special snowflake entitled to everything I want. I am actually not a special snowflake entitled to everything I want. I am actually...

Or, you know, carry on as usual. No one is giving you serious side-eye. Really. No one at all.