new digs

Moving has been a fantastic, much-needed change for me. I was feeling increasingly stagnant and claustrophobic in my last place. So viscerally so, in fact, that I'd find myself actually gasping for air, as if it was running out.

But it's done a number on the writerly part of my brain. It feels like all the words that usually organize themselves and line up in an orderly fashion for me got all jumbled together with everything else I tossed haphazardly into boxes and dragged downstairs. I'm still unpacking them, and I'm not sure where they should go.

Also, the banality of my own domesticity is weighing on me a little bit, saying, "Great, you moved. You did a thing millions of people do every year. BETTER HURRY UP AND TELL THE WORLD ABOUT IT." Ya know?

So I'm sort of forcing myself to write this post to get that banality behind me, and hopefully clear the way for more interesting and creative thoughts.

It went like this, basically: They raised my rent, almost $200. That's not surprising, since they've been bumping up rent substantially in my building over the past couple of years. But I'd heretofore been spared.

When the lease renewal offer showed up in my inbox at such a ridiculous rate, the subconscious part of my brain that had been mulling over what would happen in just such a scenario stepped forward and became conscious thought. Namely, "Fuck it. You should just move in with Terence."

For one thing, if I signed another lease, we'd be looking at least another year of commuting to date. My not having a car leaves that pretty much all on Terence's shoulders, since a bus or bike ride or bus+bike ride to his place is kind of an asspain, and also doesn't factor into consideration Chaucer, who needs letting out, etc.

For another, my building is incredibly conveniently located. Walking distance to almost everything a person needs, and a block from the train station. Also, it's a really, really nice building, in a great, relatively quiet area of downtown.

So without mentioning anything to Terence yet, I stopped by my leasing office to let them know I might be in the market for a bigger unit, around X dollars/month, and to keep me in mind if anything opened up. Well, something had just opened up that day, for $200 less than the price range I'd quoted, and it was a lower-level loft of the same layout Terence and I had previewed before, just for shits and giggles.

For me it was a no-brainer, but Terence needed convincing. He'd just moved into an adorable house in Silver Lake less than six months prior, that he loved. He loved it so much, in fact, that he'd been hoping eventually I'd move in with him. But while the Silver Lake house was really sweet, it would have been virtually impossible for me to live there without a car. Which I don't have. It isn't a walk-to-what-you-need neighborhood. It's too far from the train. There are no parks or grassy areas for Chaucer, like there are downtown. It just wasn't an option.

So we talked and talked and talked and in the end, financial considerations (for us both) won out (we're both saving a lot of money this way). That, and we really, really, really love the apartment that opened up. Everything about it was - is - perfect. But it was an incredibly difficult decision for Terence to give up his new home, and it's been an intensely emotional transition for him. While I schlepped my shit down three flours over a day and a half, he took the rest of the month to consolidate, sell, donate, and generally be ready to be here. In fact he only just finished today. Meanwhile I was all, Hurrrrrry upppppp, godddddd. Sensitivity fail.

I posted a quick video tour on Instagram, but here's a Diptic dump of some actual pics:

And that's how the next phase of Ellie's So-Called Life came to be. We're in the process of fusing our belongings and figuring out storage solutions and all that junk, so it might be a little while yet before it's decorated and ready for its closeup.

In the meantime, thanks loads to everyone who has been so enthusiastic and excited for us, and reached out to say congrats. We know how totally bananas we seem for jumping in so fast, and I really appreciate the support. :)