I saw Trevor Powers last night, waiting with Terence and some friends to get ramen in Little Tokyo. He's the musician behind Youth Lagoon, which is my favorite avant-garde, lo-fi, neo-psych dream pop art project, of all the avant-garde, lo-fi, neo-psych dream pop art projects I listen to (currently, one). Here's one of his songs, and here's a photo of him:

Cool, right?

Except this person claimed not to know who I was talking about, when I approached him on the sidewalk outside the restaurant after much urging from my friends (who, when I showed them the above picture on my phone, agreed that it was most definitely him).

I wasn't going to say anything in the first place. I didn't want to be annoying and intrusive and fangirly while he was just waiting for some damn noodles. But the guys said he'd probably be flattered, so I prepared a little speech in my head which went something like I apologize for disturbing you, but I'd never forgive myself if I didn't tell you what I huge fan I was, and that your performance at Coachella last year kind of changed my life.

Grass noodle monkey love forever.

But when he responded to my opening line of "Sorry to bother you, but has anyone ever told you that you look exactly like Trevor Powers?" with "Huh uh, I don't know who that is. I get Bob Dylan a lot, though..." I had to turn, tail tucked, back to my friends who were watching from a few feet away and explain that it wasn't him.

Only, they don't buy it. Terence neither. They think it was him, and that he was lying to me. I've since tried to triangulate his coordinates via social media and his tour calendar, but no help there. If it was him and he fibbed because he didn't want to deal with me, naturally I am mortified. If it wasn't, I'm still mortified at having bugged some random kid on the street.

So maybe I saw Trevor Powers tonight, in Little Tokyo, and maybe I didn't. It would be kind of funny if it was him, since I was waiting to get NOODLES after all...but I'm gonna just let it sit as a big question mark until I know otherwise.