life lately, 5.6.14

Life lately is long walks with Chaucer and longer naps afterward. It's watching Last Week Tonight (much better this past Sunday, no?) projected on the wall, a night at the speakeasy, and a visit from M. Papa (with an impromptu concert by his son). It's bomb new headphones and hairstyling LOLs, and a Wall of Joy for twelve cents a print.

It's nesting and decluttering and unloading what's no longer useful. It's a special trip for pizza with Chaucer, goofing around, a lobby Ellie, and as always, lots and lots of music.

Life lately is Hey, I'm back downtown. Wanna go to the observatory?, shoe gazing on the train, and cuddles with Chauc. It's parks and high rises and the Hollywood hills, and still finding Uranus funny, at 36 and 38.

Hope life lately is just as colorful for everyone else.